Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mohamedabad Pond - Storks on 8th September 09

Three Painted Storks came from the south, circle around for a while losing altitude and landed.
A Sind Sparrow picked something from the grass and flew to an Acacia nilotica tree nearby, could not photograph, but two of pied beauty were there - Black-winged Stilts.
Pond, trees, grass and birds - fill my heart with a mystic fragrance.
Pied Cuckoo - in fact there were two of them, silently inspecting something underneath.
Plenty of water this morning. 36 Painted Storks, one was making noise by clapping his mandibles.
Such a delight to watch them, resting without any disturbance.
Oriental Honey Buzzard was circling overhead.
Black-necked Stork after a long time made its presence.
Common Greenshank silently feeding.

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