Saturday, September 12, 2009

Laughing Dove enjoying the rains

Moderate to heavy rains in Sonepat, outing out of the realms of feasibility. Was delighted to see this Laughing Dove enjoying the rains.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Armchair Birding - Home - Brown Rock Chat

Brown Rock Chat - look at the left foot, some problem.
Brown Rock Chat - this one is a second individual.
Brown Rock Chat - at least something to eat.
Brown Rock Chat - some insect to beak upon.
Brown Rock Chat - looking at me.

Incessant rains since last evening kept me indoors. I love cloudy weather. A pair of Brown Rock Chat landed in my yard. I picked my camera to take a few snaps. Both individuals can be identified by the legs - one has some type of swelling in its left foot.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mohamedabad Pond - Storks on 8th September 09

Three Painted Storks came from the south, circle around for a while losing altitude and landed.
A Sind Sparrow picked something from the grass and flew to an Acacia nilotica tree nearby, could not photograph, but two of pied beauty were there - Black-winged Stilts.
Pond, trees, grass and birds - fill my heart with a mystic fragrance.
Pied Cuckoo - in fact there were two of them, silently inspecting something underneath.
Plenty of water this morning. 36 Painted Storks, one was making noise by clapping his mandibles.
Such a delight to watch them, resting without any disturbance.
Oriental Honey Buzzard was circling overhead.
Black-necked Stork after a long time made its presence.
Common Greenshank silently feeding.