Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dog eats Peacock

Mohamedabad, Sonepat last winter - these are poor guys. They kill whatever comes their way, and dogs assist them.
Last winter, village Bayanpur, Sonepat.


Ameen said...

This is a sad reality of conservation in India. The last thing in a hungry human's mind is conservation...

Vikram Jit said...

Unfortunately, dog pack hunting is widespread in Punjab, with or without accompanying shikaris, who may be tribals or villagers. This method of shikar is ravaging, it leaves nothing in its wake, babies, juveniiles, breeding females et al.

Since most of the focus of conservaiton groups and wildlife staff is towards `conventional' poaching ie gun wielding shikars, this pervasive, indiscriminate destruction gets overlooked.

It also fetches meat for the dogs and for its masters. Becoz some of these dog pack hunters are marginalised communities, some of us might be tempted to take a somewhat sympathetic view. But from the conservation point of view, I believe such destruction is disastrous.

Vikram Jit Singh