Sunday, September 27, 2009

Moustached Warbler

This Moustached Warbler was chased by the nesting Streaked Weaver, but it managed to re-appear quite close to the nest.
This warbler is a shy and elusive bird, but obliged us with extended decent view.

At Mohamedabad fish pond, while watching birds with Nitu and Sudhir Oswal, I heard its call from the typha reed and quickly we spotted the warbler. After a few movements here and there in the reeds, the bird became restive and started preening its feathers with apparent pleasure.

A Streaked Weaver was nesting nearby in the reed and did not like the warbler's presence within 1 meter of its nest. The warbler was chased away, but it again turned up and began to inspect the weaver's nest from close quarters.

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