Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sarus Crane on 14th Nov 09 - village pond

What a handsome stonechat, though a little wary of my presence, obliged me with a good shot.
A female Danaid Eggfly Butterfly (Identified by Dr Surya Prakash). What is the meaning of a 'butterfly smile'?
Sarus Crane pair. I was told my two youngsters who are familiar with me that a pair was seen a few days before with two chicks. But today, only a pair! If this is the same parent pair, then what happened to the chicks?

This creature (Tiger Centipede according to Swapna Prabhu) was lying on the road, injured... dogs would come, sniff it and move away. My son Gaggu told me to put an end to the pains of the poor creature... and I obliged. Don't know, if I did good or bad, but it was out of compassion for this creature.


pankajsharmaphotography said...

Dear Suresh ji,

All the photographs in this post (Specially of Sarus Crane) are fascinating.The informations are also well.
--Pankaj Sharma.

flowergirl said...

I can imagine your feelings about the tiger centipede. But maybe your son was right?

Suresh C. Sharma said...

Thank you Dr Pankaj and Flowergirl.