Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mohan Chatti and Rishikesh

Drove my Alto LXi to Rishikesh on 5th September 2012. Straight to Mohan Chatti driving along the Chilla canal in Rajaji National Park. River Ganga was full, though water was muddy due to rains... Spent the whole evening at Mohan Chatti upto Bijni village.. Night stay at Hotel Rajdeep, Ram Jhoola..

While driving back from Mohan Chatti on 5th Sep night, mild rains.. we saw a cat very briefly that looked like a Marbled Cat... very handsome..

Next day, we drove to Mohan Chatti again .. it is a beautiful valley .. with Nhol river flowing below.. dense forest... my favourite place..

Returned on 7th September 2012. Jagat Varma was with me... Here are some of the pix I took..

At Garud Chatti, I met a lady who served us tea .. she runs her makeshift restaurant along the river Ganga.. her long hair and peaceful aura ... attracted my attention... She posed for some good pix.. i made .. though it was cloudy, no sunlight.... yet some pix are here.. She told me that she had widowed when she was just 20 .. with sadness in her eyes... took take of her two kids.. now grown up... I appreciated her wonderful courage to lead a healthy life.

The lady at Garud Chatti..

 Her hair... wonderful
 Red-vented Bulbuls
 River Nhol
 River Nhol..
 River Ganga near Ram Jhoola
 Looking at the sunset near Ved Niketan, Rishikesh
Meditation at the river Ganga..

 wild flower..
 Glory lily growing wild..
 Rain puddle turning into a swimming pool for the house sparrows..

The little car. but wonderful... with Jagat inside..
 Rufous Turtle Dove
 Streaked Laughingthrush
Spotted Dove..
 Me ..

 A swamiji walking..
Rice field..

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