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Yamunotri Trip Report – 9th May to 11th May 15

9th May 15 – Saturday. Weather sunny and hot.

I will not give the evocative description of the eco-pilgrimage I made  to the Yamunotri, my third such trip.nMay be I will give the coldly precise one. Okay, I will try to keep a balance between my poetical outpourings and censorious comments on the eco destruction.

After negotiating the torturingly long and over-crowedly cumbersome chaotic river-fuls of vehicular traffic with plenty of iffs and buts, whys and should-be’s, through Delhi to Ghaiabad to Meerut to Mujaffarnagar to Roorki to Haridwar; it was a much needed and expected relief to our oxygen-thirsty lungs and greenery hungry eyes when we reached on the Bheemgoda barrage and drove towards Rishikesh barrage via Chilla canal road. My most favourite road in the northern India so far. Alpine Swallows swooping down on the waters of the Ganga made our lips turn into smile-widening mode. Other avian friends delighted us equally. The drongo-cuckoo was learning his countings in an ascending scale.

Small patch of the road in Rishikesh upto the one that leads us to Narender Nagar was full of unfriendly noisy  Vikrant auto-rickshaws. How do these sadhus contemplate in these places? Why the Ashramwalas don’t demolish their ashrams and climb further up? Leaving these places to the commercially-minded traders and businessmen and equally nature-blind tourists?

If the flow of the river stops or becomes stagnant at Haridwar/Rishikesh,  the Ganga here will become a sewerage .. as bad as is the Yamuna in Delhi. But who cares? Our present religious heads are no more spiritually enlightened but commercially oriented… only bait for them is money and publicity (as the case with all so called experts). There are exceptions too.. but who cares?

Once on the road  to Narender Nagar, it was a joy to see the woods, trees, hills, rivulets and birds…Passing by the Kunjpuri temple bend, we were driving towards Chamba… brief halt at Kothari Dhaba for lunch and tea. The slope from the dhaba to the passing rivulet was full of garbage .. all unbio-degradable wrappers and covers and bottles… who cares?

Driving past Chamba on the road to Gangotri and Yamunotri, we stopped at Kandisaur for night halt. Nearly 400 kms in a day.

Paradise Flycatcher was the highlight.

10th May 15

Morning we woke up to the bird calls. Wire-tailed Swallows were perched on the wire and calling. After quick breakfast, we were heading  towards Dharasu Bend..there we took left turn towards Badkot and Yamunotri.

On way, we stopped when we saw two Sadhus drying some leaves in the sun near a small waterfall.. On being asked, the elder sadhu told me that those were the bhang leaves to be smoked later as charas. The sadhu told us all without any inhibitions,  explaining that it helps them to walk miles and miles without feeling heat or cold or tiredness… When I asked him more about their ‘on foot’ trip, his answer was that he prefers to be travelling single or double because “Ek niranjan, do sukhi; Teen main anban, char dukhi” (The One (Brahman) is pure Being, two (Purush and Prakriti)  are happy; three (the jeeva, the maya and the agyan) are quarrelling; the four (the divided and fragmented beings seen through separated egos) are sad). Happy as it made us, we offered him a big currency note, which he happily accepted and offered his blessings. For some reasons, he reminded me of Rahul Sanskrityayan’s First class traveler.

On way, seeing a parked van with a banner “pilgrimage on foot from Haridwar to four Dhams and back”, I stopped the car and asked the young looking man who was eating his breakfast with 6 or 7 others including some  women about their trip.  He happily explained that the van (Maruti Omni) carries their kitchen and other stuff while they all walk and stops on way whenever rest is needed… I admired and appreciated their efforts.. This is van-dwelling travelers, a new trend in India to be encouraged more and more. I request my friends whenever they see such groups, please appreciate and encourage them.

At a village, saw a group of  young boys and girls, all dressed in their best. Stopped to enquire the cause. Was told by the most charming girl of them that her niece was being married and they were waiting for the groom and his party to arrive. I looked at the shirt of a young man .. that caries the painting of Salman Khan, who was recently awarded jail term but was also granted bail by a higher court. I asked the reason why he was wearing this second-degree bollywood hero on his shirt and not the paintings of folk singer Negi, environmentalist Sundar Lal Bahuguna or chipko movement leader Chandi Prasad Bhatt.. the man looked down without answering but I am sure he must have thrown away the shirt at the earliest opportunity available. The charming young lady smiled torrents of approvals at me and was mesmerized how the driver of a Haryana Registered Car was knowing so much about their local culture heros. Happy surprise at their faces made me accelerate the car a bit suddenly, holding the front two wheels few inches high off the ground below.

After driving on smooth road sandwished with the pine-forest on both sides, we observed a young man covered in currency note garlands and wedding make-up, being photographed by his cousins and brothers and friends. When I asked, one of them happily told me that they were going to the ‘bride home’ for wedding… so this was the baraat the other young ladies were expecting to arrive… I asked the groom why he was looking sad and depressed instead of feeling elated and happy, he could manage  a very  faint smile but others burst into laughter. Car engine also laughed noisily in the second gear from neutral one.

We stopped at a secluded tea-stall, long in length but narrow in width. While tea was being fixed, was updated by the tea-vendor that a leopard had killed a woman who approached the feline unknowingly while cutting the grass for her cattle. But the big cat was not a man eater, she was simply protecting herself or may be her cubs too…. as no other case of human attacks was reported afterwards.

I appreciated his respect for the leopards. ..that is my way of encouraging love for wildlife.

Suddenly a few yards from me, a car coming from the opposite direction halted, the driver waiving his right hands outside the window for me to stop. I too braked. He came out .. must be of my age.. and asked me to get out..After making sure that the unhappy looking  man was safely harmless and in utter need of some emotional help, I got out of the car and asked him ‘why’ with my facial gesture.

He pointed to his co-traveller.. a lady.. in jeans and shirt with modern hair style. Still she could be a heart throb,  though in her late fifties. The man, apparently her hubby told me that his wife had been distracting his mind from the road by her ‘red wattled lapwing like’ nonstop criticism on something he had committed in his past many hours before. I looked at her face. To my happy surprise, she gave me her sweetest smile and apparently felt delighted at her hubby’s dramatic way of expressing his love and attention for his wife (and also his sincere apology). I looked at them both without uttering a single word..feeling myself speechless... the lady swiftly sprang to her feet and came out of car and hugged her man in the most mesmerizing manner. I quickly retreated back to my seat and ignited the engine. At the happy ending of an otherwise  Shakespearean tragedy, I heard a Himalayan Blue Whislting Thrush outpouring his best musical notes from a nearby pine tree branch. A pair of Oriental Turtle Dove alighted not far from their vehicle on the roadside to glean grass seeds or perhaps to collect nesting material.

We drove ahead leaving the couple in their softest romantic display.

Drive  from Badkot to Syanachatti was smooth, but from Syanachatti to Janakichatti, the landscape turned from beautiful to mesmerizingly soothing.. Deodar trees and other mixed forests were teeming with bird calls. Crossing Ranachatti and Hanuman Chatti, we stopped at Janakti Chatti. Checked into a hotel along the river Yamuna.. it began to rain with thunders. Snow peaks were visible.

Night halt at Janakti chatty hotel.

11th May 2015

Visit ed Yamunotri temple. Sprinkled water as a token of our respect  to the river and the mountain. While the men and women were interested in ritualistic performance, religious pandas were interested in earning their mone, no one was interested in spiritualism.  Our feathers friends -  Brown Dippers and two species of Riverchats, tits, vultures, Large billed crows, laughingthrushes made their presence felt.

But we were distressed to see the insensitiveness of the priests as well as tourists to maintain the cleanliness of our holy places. Hope someday, someone in the administration will take notice and do something real on ground. I don’t expect anything worthwhile from our religious heads as they are more money minded than a trader, and nothing from the so called pilgrims as they are more interested in washing their sins rather than respecting the sacredness of our nature.

The punya goes to the cattle .. donkeys, horses, mules, ponies. One of them, due to not many tourists to carry on his back, was rolling on his back kicking all his four legs in the sky. See him in the pic.

Drove back towards Badkot, Dharasu and Utarkashi. Night halt at Netali in a hotel on the bank of river Bhagirathi.

Trip Report to Gangotri in next part.

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