Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6th July 10 - where has the Indian Spotted Eagle gone?

Pair of Woolly-necked Storks - partially made nest, Delhi Canal, Sonepat.
Today, I saw at least 4 Oriental Honey Buzzards.
Cloudy weather, some drizzling, went for 2 hours birding along the canal.
Birds included Oriental Honey Buzzards, nesting pair of Woolly-necked Storks, Golden Oriole, Streak-throated Swallows, 2 species of shrikes, Chestnut-shouldered Petronias, Baya Weavers,
5 Spoonbills, Black and Black-headed Ibises, prinias, Black Drongos and other commoner species.
But sadly, Indian Spotted Eagle was not sighted. Last year's both nesting sites were scanned: no trace of the first nest, second nest was intact but abandoned.

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