Monday, August 20, 2012

Chopta in Uttarakhand in August 2012

It was Janmashtami, the 10th of August 2012. I decided to be at Rishikesh during the long week end..Got a call from Subhash, my friend that if I could take him along... Took him.. and reached Rishikesh by traffic jams. Spent afternoon and evening in Mochan Chatti... here are some images... Needless to say that Mohan Chatti valley is full of a kind of energy that i are some of the pix..from Mohan Chatti... i took in my earlier trips there one month back :-

 Grey Hornbills near Rishikesh...
 Spotted Deer at Rajaji National Park near Rishikesh
 Crested Bunting.. a handsome bird.. all around... not abundant though.. singly or in pair..
 Crested Kingfisher...Mohan Chatti
 Crimson Sunbird... Mohan Chatti..

 Long-tailed Mohan Chatti
 Great Hornbill.. near Rishikesh
 Grey-headed/hooded Woodpecker near Mohan Chatti
 Ashy Bulbul at Mohan Chatti..
 Brown Hawk Owls..

 Common Iora, near Mohan Chatti

 Crested Serpent  Eagle.. resident of Mohan Chatti..

 Red Jungle Fowl..
 Spot-winged Starling..
 White-crested Laughingthrush..

 Hard work..but happy..
 Tree covered with ferns at Chopta in rain..
 Akash-gamini rivulet valley near village Mastura..
 Confluence of rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda at Rudraprayag..

 Protection from the predators like leopards..
 Chopta .. a gang of large-billed crows..
 Mandakini river near Yashpal Negi's birding camp..


 Dancing peacock at Sonepat..good beginning :)
 Common sight in the hills during rains..
 Hindus know nothing but celebration... Shiva devotees..

A rivulet..

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