Sunday, August 9, 2009

Canal - Gurgaon Water Supply Channel in Sonepat

Common Kingfisher on the edge of Gurgaon Water Supply Channel on 28 December 2009.

House Sparrows gleaning seeds on the dirt-track along the Gurgaon Water Supply Channel on 28 December 2009.

Indian Peafowl cock on the dirt-track along Gurgaon Water Supply Channel on 17 January 2009.

Indian Peafowl (male) on the edge of the Gurgaon Water Supply Channel, 17 January 2009.

On 10th March 2009, a pair of Sind Sparrow was making its nest on a tree in a field 50 meters from the Gurgaon Water Supply Channel with a small marshy patch underneath. Here is the female collecting nesting material.

The same pair on the nest, 10th March 2009.

A Black Ibis near the channel, 10th March 2009.

A female Black-ncekd Stork on the edge of a water pool near the Channel, 10th March 09.

A family of Black-necked Stork, a pair with 2 sub-adult birds, same place on 10th March 09.

Gurgaon Water Supply Channel originates in Sonepat at Kakroi village water regulator. Biking on the bikable dirt track between it and the adjacent Pai Irrigation Channel yields numerable bird species in all seasons. Photographed on 8th January 2009.

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