Sunday, August 9, 2009


Peafowls were enjoy rains. A few individual birds were resting atop the concrete houses in the villages, visible from the road. These two were foraging in the green paddy field.

15 August 09, overcast sky, light drizzle. On electric line, I saw large gathering of Rosy & Pied Starlings, Bank & Common Mynas, a few House Crows and one European Roller.

Sarus Crane family landing in a field near Bhatgaon village of Sonepat district on 23 December 2008. Seen from the road.

Sarus Cranes, same date, same site.

Gathering of the Sarus Cranes in a wheat field near Bhatgaon village of Sonepat on 23 December 2008, seen from the road.

15 Sarus Cranes can be seen, 3 others were nearby, same date, same site.

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